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Supt. Thompson's evaluation goes to MPS Board

Board members meet Wednesday to vote on Thompson's evaluation. Board members meet Wednesday to vote on Thompson's evaluation.
Supt. Barbara Thompson Supt. Barbara Thompson

The Montgomery County Board of Education has received Superintendent Barbara Thompson's professional development plan. The plan identifies areas in which she needs to focus, including communication skills and problem solving.

Supt. Thompson worked on it with an evaluator from the Alabama Department of Education. The evaluator said he felt Thompson had made progress in those areas.

Some board members feel the professional development plan should stand as the Board's evaluation of the superintendent and they want to vote on it. Other members disagree with that idea. Wednesday's meeting got very heated as a result.

"I would like for us to at least go home and read this," board member Melissa Snowden said and member Mary Briers retorted, "You only have two paragraphs; can't you read two paragraphs?" Snowden accused Briers of being very offensive. 

"I think some of those issues were probably present before I arrive and they are still are ongoing," said Supt. Thompson when asked about the board squabbles. "I think it is something that will be worked on; I hope," she added.

Thompson says the board will perform a self evaluation and she is interested to see what it shows.

The board voted to accept the professional development plan as the superintendent's complete evaluation, but because of a technicality, that vote will not stand.

They will have to consider it again at a future meeting.

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