Editorial: Troy's ban on smoking

TROY, AL (WSFA) - Last week Troy University decided to ban smoking on campus.  They join the nearly 500 colleges in America that have done so… many, like Troy, in an effort to promote healthier living.

While that is a noble motive, it is not the best reason for the ban.  Smoking should be prohibited in public places to protect the rights of non-smokers.

If healthy living is the reason for the ban, then let's ban over eating, being sedentary and consuming alcohol… we tried that one nearly a hundred years ago... it didn't work.

Don't misunderstand… no one should have the right to prevent me from smoking, or doing anything else, healthy or unhealthy, in private.  The individual's pursuit of happiness is supreme.

To allow or ban smoking is a matter of our rights.   My right to smoke should end where your right to breathe smoke-free air begins.   That means in public places.

Regardless of their reason I applaud Troy University for banning smoking on campus, because it does protect the rights of non-smokers.

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