WVAS-FM sponsors a local forum on reducing dropouts

Wednesday - July 27, 2011

Hello from the newsroom...

Running close on time tonight...getting close to the News at 10!

We covered a forum tonight...WVAS FM sponsored the meeting where a panel of law enforcement, education and civic leaders talked about how to cut the drop out rate in local schools.  We'll tell you about their success stories.

More on the PACT program settlement.  A judge signs off on the agreement that caps tuition payments at the Fall 2010 rate.  We'll talk with some parents for their reaction...and Troy University for its take.

And, what's the hottest selling car in Alabama?  Find out in a special report!

All this and a "typical" summer forecast and the latest on Tropical Storm Dan in the southern Gulf of Mexico.

Gotta run...see you on the set.

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