County Road 12 - Model Planes

There's a group of guys that get together almost every Thursday and shoot the breeze, literally. They're all part of a club that requires hand eye co-ordination, an interest in things aero-nautic and an air-field. Debbie Williams caught them buzzing around, out along County Road 12.

Sometimes, it's like they speak another language. "I'm going to loop right out here in front of you." But one look at their faces and you know they understand every word . Even the unspoken ones. "I started when I was eleven years old," says Gene Hannah as he operates one of his model planes, "building rubber powered, tissue covered models." For Hannah, it's been a life long love affair. "I grew up on a farm, my cousin was a crop duster and he had old airplanes around all the time and then we moved to Birmingham and we were very close to the airport and at that time, there was no security and you could just go out and wander among the airplanes. My Dad would drive me out in the afternoon just to watch the airplanes land and take off." He spends hours making the planes he flies. The moment of truth coming just like for any test pilot, the first flight. "You did it right or you didn't and it's balanced right or it isn't and the engines right or it isn't." Knowing the dedication he puts into the hobby. it was with some trepidation, I tried my hand as a pilot. What these guys do with a model plane, takes time, patience and skill. With the slightest motion, they're able to dart and dive, roll and roar across a sky that for a moment belongs only to them. "Always fascinated with airplanes." Debbie Williams and photjournalist Darren Gilley, flying the friendly skies somewhere over, County Road 12.

You may be seeing the radio operated planes more than you realize. Hannah says the majority of planes you see flying in movies are scale models, just like the ones they pilot.