Auburn University Board Of Trustees Ok Pay Raise For Teachers And Staff

The Auburn University Board of Trustees has approved a 588 million-dollar operating budget for fiscal year 2004, including one-time salary supplements for eligible faculty and staff. All A.U. administrators, faculty and staff will receive a three percent increase, with the possibility of three to four percent more based on merit. A.U. chose the one-time supplements over permanent raises to attract quality faculty through comparable salaries, but still fit under budget guidelines.

The budget for fiscal year 2005 was a concern to several trustees, including Lowell Barron and Jack Venable, both state legislators. They supported the proposed budget but warned the board of possibly scrutiny from the Alabama Education Association, the state's K-12 teaching lobby, in the coming legislative session, but Trustee Jack Miller said the salary increase proves that the A-U has managed it's finances well.

Alabama Associated Press