Daughter admits to killing father

When family members reported 71-year old Jimmy Davenport missing, they had no idea he was dead, much less that his daughter would confess to killing him.

"When I heard that he asked her 'why, why Natasha?' she was stabbing him," says Linda Terry.

Terry can't understand why her niece, Natasha Davenport, would kill her own father--Terry's brother, Jimmy.

But when she heard the news, the pieces started falling into place.

"She's lied to me so many times when I would try to help her."

Terry says whenever she went to visit her brother at Natasha's house, Natasha never let her see him--saying he was sleeping or in a nursing home. Terry thinks it was a cover up.

"He was already laying dead inside that house, I know."

"His remains are yet to be found," says Dallas County Sheriff Harris Huffman.

Sheriff Huffman says in a confession, Natasha Davenport and her boyfriend Joseph Howell said they disposed of the body along a dirt road in the county, then months later fled to Panama City.

Now, the chances of finding the body are much more difficult.

"Six months the body's been out there. It's rained on it, sun shined on, the winds blew," says Huffman.

Sheriff's deputies plan to bring in specially trained dogs from Montgomery county to track down the body.

And while Terry is anxious to find her brother's remains, it's his face she'd rather see.

"If she had just let us say goodbye to him. If she would have just let me look at his face, or touch him.  And that's never....that's gone. It's gone."

Davenport and Howell are currently being held in the Dallas County jail on $3 million and $1 million dollar bonds.

Davenport is charged with murder. She and her boyfriend were both charged with abusing a corpse.

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