CR 12: Miss Alabama Nursing Home

ANDALUSIA, AL (WSFA) - It took her a century, but she did it.   Just another accomplishment to add to the list for Andalusia resident Felma Schrimshire.    "I've had a good life," said Schrimshire.   Two years ago, at the young age of 98, she moved into the Andalusia Manor nursing home.   "She's an inspiration," said nursing home owner Sal.Lee Sasser-Williams.  "Being in World War II as a nurse, seeing the tragedies in her life, she's overcome a lot."

Schrimshire won her battle with cancer.   She lost 3 siblings at an early age.  Her husband passed away years ago.  But somehow she's found a way to keep on going.  "I suppose you can say, I've lived a clean life, no drugs or alcohol, and I've been very fortunate, at 100 years old I can eat whatever I want."

It seemed like she had done it all, but this year she decided to get involved in the Miss Alabama Nursing Home Pageant.   She won her local event and then went on to the statewide competition in Birmingham.   "I was surprised at how well I felt," said Schrimshire.  "They only asked me one question.  They asked me if I could go anywhere, where would it be?  I told them I'd take a trip back to the Holy Land."    "She got up Monday morning, full of energy, ready to go, and she did great," said Sasser-Williams.

Now at 100 years young, she's Miss Alabama Nursing Home.   She loves the crown, and has just one little concern.   "When we came back from Birmingham I thought it was over.  Now I guess I've got to go speak at other nursing homes."   There's no doubt she'll do great.   She's been surprising and impressing people for more than 100 years.

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