Prosecutors and defense lawyers ready for closing arguments...

Tuesday - August 2, 2011

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Hello from the anchor office.  Hope you had a good day...and that you'll tune it at 6, 9 (on 12.2) and 10.

Lawyers are fine-tuning their closing arguments in the State House corruption trial. The prosecutors get up to 5 hours while defense lawyers for the 9 defendants get up to 5.  We'll be live at the Federal Courthouse for a preview.

State Rep. Barry Mask, who testified in that trial says an ethics complaint filed against him today is retribution for his taking on organized gambling in the state.  We'll have more on the specifics of the complaint filed by a Birmingham attorney.

A lot of Alabama farmers depend on immigrant workers.  Now they're concerned about their responsibilities to document the workers as prescribed by the state's tough new immigration law.  We'll chat with one farmer who doesn't want to break the law...but needs help with his crops.

And, Rich updates us on Tropical Storm Emily...and searing temps here for the rest of the week.

Stay cool...and stay tuned for our next news at 6!

See you on the set.