Will America's credit rating hold at AAA?

Tuesday - August 2, 2011

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Hello from the anchor office at WSFA 12 News!  Another hot night in Bama...with practically no relief in sight - short of a cold shower!

After the debt ceiling bill passed on the last day, the credit rating agencies have made the call on whether to lower or maintain America's AAA rating.  We'll tell you their decision at 10.

Tonight is NNO - National Night Out - where neighbors get together outside (in the heat) and get to know one another and work on ways to eliminate crime in their neighborhoods.  We've visited several locations throughout the evening for tonight's lead story.

Some anxious attorneys are probably burning the midnight oil tonight - getting ready for up to 15 hours of closing arguments in the State House corruption trial.  They start tomorrow morning. We'll tell you what to expect.

And, we'll tell the touching story of how hundreds of people are praying and reaching out to a young man from Montgomery who was seriously injured when his Moped was involved in an accident in a town in Spain.  His companion on the scooter died in the accident.  We'll tell you how you can get involved in his recovery.

Hope you'll join us for all this and sports, too.

Have a great night.

Bob H.