National Night Out brings neighbors together to fight crime

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The sign at the entrance to the Breckenridge subdivision in East Montgomery does more than just announce National Night Out.  It says, "safety is the most important thing," says Tonya Mosley.

For residents food, fun and a visit from Montgomery's Police Chief, Kevin Murphy helps ensure the community stays safe.

"Stay connected.  Stay informed with one another," said Murphy to a crowd of neighborhood members at the Breckenridge clubhouse.

"It's an opportunity for us to get together.  Some of us don't know all the neighbors in the neighborhood," says Block Captain, Sue Harkins.

Police say one of the best ways to fight crime is to know who lives around you.

"I've been a victim of crime before and being robbed," says Mosley.  She and her husband, Michael, met some of their neighbors for the first time at the event and decided the watch program was a must.

"I feel like joining would be a big success and it would help us out tremendously," she adds.

Murphy agrees--a nosey neighbor is the best one to have.

"When you're that focused on your neighbors that you know when their dog is out of the yard, a thief, a criminal cannot survive for long in that environment," he adds.

The group Building Our Neighborhoods for Development and Success or BONDS helps citizens create neighborhood watch programs.

Call them at 625-2207 if you want information.

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