Criminals get bold in Tallassee robbery

Cameras captured the entire event, which lasted less than a minute.
Cameras captured the entire event, which lasted less than a minute.

As you can imagine Elaine Thornton is not very happy right now. Thornton owns the East Tallassee Pharmacy and three suspects did a number to her business early Monday morning.

"I'm just glad it didn't happen during regular hours. I'm not just going to lie down and say 'woe is me," Thornton said.

Monday morning around 2:55 three men with masks, hoods and gloves shattered the front window of the pharmacy.

"I'm certain they were going after painkillers like Oxycontin," said Thornton.

It turns out the suspects did not find the targeted drugs but instead fled with things like cough syrup.

In all some $3,000 worth of medicines stolen, and more than $5,000 worth of damage done to the store, according to Thornton.

The security camera in the pharmacy caught the men breaking through the front window with what appears to be a crow bar, and because of the dramatic video, Thornton says investigators have what they consider 'very good leads' in the case. In fact, fingerprints were found on the drive-thu window.

Meantime, Thornton is making sure this isn't happening again. "The new windows will be enhanced with burglar bars," she said.

Thornton is offering a reward of $500 for any information that leads to the arrest and conviction of at least one of three suspects.

The suspects weren't inside very long, a mere 36 seconds, all of it caught on tape.

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