New mascot ordered after T-Roy stolen

My12 photo of T-Roy before his disappearance.
My12 photo of T-Roy before his disappearance.

TROY, AL (WSFA) - T-Roy, the Trojan mascot commonly found making his way around the campus of Troy University, has been AWOL from his duties since late May.

The mascot was reported missing/stolen from an off-campus residence and has not been returned to the University.

Now, it appears the University has resigned itself to the fact that their warrior won't be coming home. The battle for football supremacy is nearing, and there's no one to rally the troopers, err…fans.

Now, the University is announcing that it has purchased a new Trojan warrior – complete with a cardinal cape and trademark helmet, but it won't be ready for action until at least September 1.

T-Roy's costume is valued at $5,500.

The University played along with the missing mascot situation, even putting out missing posters that included his race..."T-Royian". He has a "T" on his chest, killer abs and very defined muscles.

Nothing turned up.

If anyone has information on the whereabouts of the original T-Roy (Come on. He wouldn't be that hard to spot, and we're sure someone can't wait until Halloween) please call the Troy University police at 334-670-3215 or call the Troy University secret witness line at 334-670-5814.

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