What does the stock market plunge mean to you?

Thursday - August 4, 2011
Hello from the anchor office. 
Analysts say there was no single "news" trigger for today's huge sell-off on Wall Street.  The Dow closed down more than 513 points in a day that started badly and just got worse!
The bright spot on the national economic front: interest rates are low for borrowers...but conversely, there also low for people who depend on their interest income from their savings. Some home mortgage rates - like the ones for 15 year loans - are at record lows.
The city of Montgomery's largest revenue generator continues to move in the right direction.  We've just received the July sales tax numbers and they're up.  How much?  We'll tell you at 6.
Closing arguments in the State House corruption trial got a little testy this afternoon.  We'll tell you what sparked the squabbling and when the jury will likely start its deliberations.
And, the weather in a three words: hot as blazes!  But there are some storms on the radar...which we'll gladly share with you starting at 5.
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Bob H.