The State House corruption jury ready to deliberate

Thursday - August 4, 2011
A steamy night out there.  Hope your AC is working well!
The jury in the State House corruption trial could start deliberating by midday tomorrow (Friday).  One more defense attorney will make a last appeal to the jury before the prosecution wraps up, the judge charges the jury, and the deliberations begin.  We'll be monitoring the jury and when the verdicts are'll get them here first!
Imagine living in a small town - a rural setting - out of the way.  A few stores are within walking distance.  Then you find out your only grocery store is closing.  This scenario happened in Ft. Deposit - population 1,344.  But the grocers say the town didn't support their store.  The full story from WSFA 12 News reporter Melissa McKinney.
Coach Bobby Bowden in town for two functions - the Public Safety Insurance Fund luncheon and a large sports banquet at Landmark Church of Christ.  We'll hear what one of the more colorful coaches around has to say about the game.
And, Rich Thomas updates the sizzling forecast. It's going to be H-O-T.
Hope you have a great weekend planned.  Stay cool - and check out the Songwriters Concert at the Capri Theater Sunday afternoon at 3. Jerry Salley and Larry Cordle who've written a bunch of country songs will perform for the Alabama Roots Music Society. 
Take care,
Bob H.