Smart shoppers armed for tax free holiday

Armed with cash and a lengthy list, smart shoppers are prepared to save.

Shopper Marcus Hayden fits that description, "Shoes, shirts, shorts.  Basically anything to keep cool."

The same's true for retailers like Champs at the Shoppes at Eastchase, where the inventory is stacked to the ceiling, on and off the sales floor.

Manager Adam Hightower explains, "We have tons of extra sizes in shirts, shoes and hats.  We never have back stock in hats."

Champs doesn't sell notebooks or pens, but Hightower says high dollar items like shoes and clothes are how some parents are pinching their "tax free" pennies.

"We had a lady save $45 this morning.  That was just in tax.  In the end, she basically ended up not paying for shorts or uniform tees."

For some stores, the sales tax holiday weekend is the new "Black Friday".

Hightower says, "The Iron Bowl has hurt us since they changed days.  This is way bigger for us than black Friday."

For shoppers like Hayden, it might as well be "Green Friday".  He plans to save upwards of $100 this weekend.

"I'm going to buy everything I can afford with the tax break."

Shelling out the cash and bagging the savings.  A benefit for folks on both sides of the register.