Jury in government corruption trial dismissed for the day

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The jury in the government corruption trial in Montgomery has been dismissed for the day.

Around 4:30pm on Saturday, the jury sent a note to the federal judge stating they had a question about something.  Around 4:45pm, all counsel was called back into the courtroom by the judge. 

The jury asked the judge a question about the definition of "unlawful plan" in the charges given to the jury. Before the jury was given the answer to their question, some defense attorneys asked to review the question and documents and get an answer back on Sunday.

The judge then asked the jury to come into the courtroom. He asked them if it was ok if they got their answer on Sunday. They agreed. When they resume on Sunday the jury will still be deliberating on count 1 of 37.

The jury will be back in court at 1pm Sunday to get the answer to that question and then resume their deliberations.  The jury is done working for Saturday.

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