Alabama State Football holds 1st practice in full pads

The Alabama State football team had its first practice in full pads Sunday morning at Hornet Stadium.

It was easily the most spirited practice of the preseason as the energy and anticipation of wearing full equipment and 'going live' was evident throughout Sunday's two-hour practice.

"It was exciting to see these guys getting after it with the pads on," head coach Reggie Barlow said following the fifth day of practice. "The players were excited as well, and were very vocal during the entire practice. The offensive guys did a really good job during the 9-on-7 drill today. All in all, things went well."

And while the continued overall team improvement is among the daily goals, leadership from the quarterback position is a key aspect Barlow is attentive of. Quarterbacks Greg Jenkins, Demetric Price and Devin Dominguez drew praise for how they are directing the team.

"I'm always looking at how they communicate, how they get guys to play for them, as well as organization of the offense and taking ownership of the terminology," Barlow said.  "All of our quarterbacks have done a good a job with those things, have had great attitudes and have put together great practices this week."

The Hornets did conditioning runs for nearly 30 minutes following Sunday's practice. Monday is the first scheduled day of two practice sessions of the preseason and Barlow will have a close eye on the mental aspect of practice as well as the physical.

"I'm curious to see how they respond on Monday with two practices," Barlow said. "How will they overcome the mental clutter of thinking about its two-a-days?  Will they think about saving energy in the first practice, knowing they have a second one later in the day? I do believe we have a good group of players, as well as a good group of leaders and I'm intrigued by how they will show up and be willing to compete."