Street and lowland flooding possible with heavy rain tonight...

Monday - August 8, 2011
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Lots of cities and towns in south-central and east Alabama have been taking a direct hit from several big, slow moving thunderstorms.  If you live near a river, creek or stream in one of these towns...keep an eye on the rising water.
The wind and heavy rain contributed to the collapse of a large awning over a service station's pumps.  We'll show you what's left.
The 9 defendants in the state house corruption trial can do nothing but wait.  The jury in the case is wrapped up its fourth day of deliberations.  They sent the judge another note today.  Max Reiss tells us more at 10!
A sad story out of the Wiregrass tonight.  A father and daughter found dead days after fire destroyed a home in the Cottonwood community. 
And, yes - we have a story that tries to put all the economic news into perspective.
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