Ala. quints turn 15, pass driver's permit tests

Alabama's Guttensohn quintuplets turned 15 this week, a milestone that means they might soon be seen passing by on streets and roads in the state.

The boys - Tanner, Taylor, Parker, Hunter and Mason - all took their tests to earn their learner's licenses to drive. Each boy passed.

The boys have been making headlines since they were born Aug. 8, 1996. They're birthdays were welcomed on NBC's Today Show.

They're the first surviving all-male quintuplets in the U.S.

Along with the learner's licenses, their birthday on Monday included several phone calls from well-wishers, birthday cards and gifts.

Mom and dad lined the boys up and marked their heighths on the wall, as they've done every year.

The five 15-year-olds have to take turns when it comes to driving the two family automobiles.

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