Governor Riley Issues Statement on Moore Decision

Governor Bob Riley issued the following statement following the decision by the Court of the Judiciary to remove Justice Roy Moore from the Alabama Supreme Court:

"I have always believed that the Ten Commandments could be displayed and that acknowledgements of God and faith could properly occur within public places. That is why I displayed a copy of the Ten Commandments here in the Alabama State Capitol and that is why I have a copy of the Ten Commandments proudly displayed in my office."

"Like many Alabamians, I am disappointed and concerned that the federal courts continue the attempt to remove references to God and faith from public arenas. All of us must, however, respect the workings of our legal system and trust that it remains the best in the world. In the event that Chief Justice Moore chooses to appeal this decision, I trust that his appeal will receive a full, fair, and expeditious review. In the meantime, Patsy and I will continue to pray for Chief Justice Moore, for his family, and for his supporters all across the United States."