Judge tells jury to continue deliberations despite split

The jury in the federal gambling corruption trial will continue deliberations for a sixth day after a judge received their note about possible deadlock on some charges.

Judge Myron Thompson read the juries note into the record saying they'd reached unanimous verdicts on some charges, but will probably never reach the same decision on other charges.

The jury note read: "We have reached unanimous consent on some counts but this jury feels we will not reach unanimous consent on all counts."

The exact decisions the eleven female and one male jurors came to were not released, though after letting the defense and prosecution speak, Judge Thompson told them to be prepared for some sort of verdict Wednesday.

The government attorney's urged the judge to seek continued deliberations by the jury saying the trial lasted for an extended period and the jury had yet to complete four full days.

Some defendants' attorneys were in disagreement over what should happen next.

Milton McGregor's attorney, Joe Espy, said the jury should continue deliberations but not mention how long the trial lasted.

Bob Geddie's attorney disagreed saying he wanted to know if the jury completely decided the case as to any particular defendant. If so, he wanted to hear the verdict.

Other attorney agreed or disagreed with some parts of both arguments.

The judge said receiving verdicts on resolved counts is always open adding that if the jury sends another note to him, then he'll ask about specific defendants.

The judge called recess after the meeting and ordered the jury to continue with its work Wednesday morning at 9:00.

The jury is attempting to reach a verdict for nine defendants accused of attempting to purchase votes for favorable gambling legislation before the Alabama legislature.

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