Cash for Kindness: One-woman neighborhood watch

A little money, even if it's just $120, can go a long way when you are out of a job. A Montgomery woman, who despite her circumstances, has found work helping her neighbors. She's being awarded some "Cash for Kindness".

Willease Jenkins gladly invited us inside her home to talk about her neighbor Cindy White. She described her as caring.

"She likes to read so I bring her books periodically, and she's just a sweet caring mother, grandmother and wife. She's just a real nice person," Jenkins beamed.

And, apparently, White is a one-woman neighborhood watch. On any given day you can find her sitting on her front porch reading and keeping an eye on the homes in her west Montgomery neighborhood.

Willease says when she's out of town, Cindy keeps an eye on her home. "I went to Dallas, Texas and she watched out for my house so she's just a good neighbor."

A good neighbor who deserves a little cash for her kindness. Like many in the country she's struggling through this tough economy. Right now she doesn't have any work. But, her service to her community isn't going unnoticed.

We gave Willease $120 and together we walked next door to surprise Cindy.

Cindy was familiar with "Cash for Kindness" but never thought she's be nominated.

"Have you seen the segment?"

"Yes I have."  she said.

"So you know what it's about."

"Ooooh Ms. Lisa you didn't have to do that. Thank you," was the response.

A thank you from a friend who never knew someone was watching and appreciating all she does for the community.

If you'd like to nominate someone for "Cash for Kindness" please send an email to

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