Tree destroys Old Cloverdale apartment

"Nothing left.  Everything is gone in my bedroom and in my bathroom," says Dr. Carlos Garcia.

There's only one word to describe his apartment of 14 years after a tree fell--literally chopping the building in half.

"Devastation. My bed used to be in that corner. Now the whole roof is on top of my bed," says Garcia.

Thankfully, he wasn't home when the storm hit.  Strong winds and heavy rains slammed some trees to the ground--roots exposed.  It also damaged some cars.

Clean-up crews started removing debris early Tuesday morning and clearing blocked streets.

"I was simply shocked and amazed at the amount of damage this tree had caused," says Dr. Alan Babb who owns Garcia's apartment building.

"Like a hot knife through butter," he says referring to the tree slicing through his building.

Dr. Babb's apartment building is one of the hardest hit area's in the storm. Restoration crews say while it may only take two days to clean it up, it could take two months to rebuild.

"A concern was whether or not all or part of the complete structure was able to be salvaged," says Babb.

While Babb hopes to save the property, his main concern is still "making sure my tenants were safe and taken care of."

"Had this happened like 2 or 3:00 in the morning, I would have been under the rubble. I'm glad I'm alive and well," says Garcia.@

City clean-up crews only remove debris from public streets and rights of way.  If you have tree limbs on your property they advise you to pick them up and put them at the curb. City sanitation workers will come and get them.

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