Montgomery man helps build a house for a stranger

Roger Williams is hammering away in a house still under construction in south Montgomery, not just any old house but a home being built by volunteers. It's a Habitat for Humanity home.

Williams knows a little about the person moving in later this year.

"She's a newlywed and the neighbors are excited because it could not only change her but the community too," said Williams.

For Williams it started when a friend connected with Habitat for Humanity called him.

"He said 'I need help,' Williams remembered.

From there Roger Williams joined Habitat's family selection committee, a committee that determines who qualifies.

One of the greatest joys for Williams is informing the applicant the next Habitat for Humanity belongs to them.

"I just left a meeting with a young lady who's house we're trying to start in the fall. When you have one of those meetings.. you just know," he said.

Back to the house on Meehan Street it's a unique situation.

"She acquired this property some time back and held on to it. She deeded the lot to us and we're building the house. When it's finished she will get the house back at cost," said Williams.

In other words the newlywed won't pay any interest on a 20-year note.

Roger Williams says the home won't be completed until November because many of the volunteers can only work on Saturdays. That's because they have full time jobs.

"What that does is set the future, not just for her but for her children. It's a major step up in living," said Williams.

When the final nail is driven in and the welcome mat is put out the new three-bedroom, one bath home will be worth a little more than $50,000.

For Roger Williams just lending a hand is worth far more than that. He's doing his part to make someone else's dream come true.

"You can't get tired of this," he said.

In order to qualify for a Habitat for Humanity home, you must be able to afford a mortgage.. not be able to get a mortgage through traditional means and be willing to invest 400 hours in the construction of the home.

In short, sweat equity.

Montgomery has around 70 Habitat for Humanity homes.

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