Montgomery mayoral candidate sues city

Hobson Cox's lawsuit against Montgomery is prominently displayed on his campaign website. It's five pages long, and he wants the city to refrain from what he considers, "conduct that is adverse to the interest of taxpaying citizens."

Cox, who running for Montgomery mayor, refused to do an interview with WSFA 12 News, but current Mayor Todd Strange, who's seeking re-election, said he would.

"It's political season," Strange said, adding that Cox has no idea what he's talking about. "He has information that he knows nothing about," said Strange.

In short, Cox wants to stop the city from using bond money as an economic tool to buy real estate and selling it at a discount. The city has in fact done that along lower Dexter Avenue as part of an overall revitalization project.

Another bone of contention with Cox; the city plans to commit to the county school system $15 million for a new high school in east Montgomery. Cox's lawsuit alleges "'s harmful to the taxpaying citizens of Montgomery and it increases our debt obligations."

When WSFA 12 News went to visit Cox at his Affordable Eyewear business on Madison Avenue in downtown he accused the mayor of trying to hurt his business while construction crews re-did Madison Avenue, reportedly taking away critical parking spots.

The mayor disagreed.

"The parking spots were angled in such a way that it caused traffic jams and we put them on the side of the building. In fact, we delayed that part of the project to work with the business," said Strange.

Mayor Strange says city attorneys are working on a response to the lawsuit.

WSFA 12 News has learned a court hearing has been scheduled for Monday at 8:00am at the Montgomery County Courthouse.

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