Traffic jam of historic proportion follows I-85 accident

Wednesday - August 10, 2011
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You could have driven from here to Dothan in the time it took one of our reporters to drive from downtown Montgomery to her house in east Montgomery tonight. The delay was caused by one of the biggest traffic jams in recent memory.  All lanes northbound (going out of Montgomery) on I-85 were closed after a deadly 5-vehicle pile up between the Bell Road overpass and the Taylor Road exit (No. 9). Traffic was diverted to the Eastern Bypass.  Traffic was backed up for miles and miles.  We'll have a LIVE traffic update at 10.
You could feel the electricity in the air at the Federal Courthouse when the State House corruption jurors send the judge another note.  We'll tell you what it said and what's next for the defendants.
One man has been watching the proceedings in the federal courtroom almost daily.  He's a laid-off Victoryland employee who says he makes the drive to Montgomery to show support for his former boss Milton McGregor, one of the defendants in the trial.  We'll introduce you to this loyal ex-employee.
And, they swarm like angry bees when their hive is disturbed.  Find out how the MPD's D.A.R.T. team works.
See you on the set at 10.
Bob H.