Woman believes she might have been killed in fatal crash

"I am still shaking. I mean I really am, I'm still shaking," says April Etheridge.

You could call it a split second decision that saved Etheridge's life, or simply divine intervention.

"I believe in angels, and I believe in God and something told me to move to that far right lane."

Etheridge was driving along I-85 about to exit on Taylor Road, when a tire on a nearby truck blew out next to her.

"The pick up truck was right beside me when he blew his tires and the 18-wheeler was right behind me."

She says the truck pulled off the road and an SUV swerved to miss the tire debris--causing a lumber truck to also swerve and lose control.

"The 18-wheeler top sided and I saw it sliding and I thought you know what, somebody has died."

Etheridge says she sped up to avoid being involved in the collision and immediately called 911 after she reached safety.

"It was almost like I was running from a tornado. Everything was just in slow motion."

The crash forced Montgomery police to close I-85 from the Eastern Boulevard to the Mitylene exit--rerouting traffic to other major roadways like the Eastern Bypass, Vaughn Road and the Atlanta Highway.

Motorists like Latecia May were caught in traffic for hours.

"Everybody just be safe.  It's congested out there. So just be safe and be patient," says May.

Despite the traffic, Etheridge is simply glad to be alive.  But she aches for loved ones of the driver who isn't.

"It just hurt my heart to know..."

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