Juror #9 issues statement after corruption trial

Teresa Tolbert, identified as Juror #9 in the federal government's corruption trial, issued a statement Friday explaining her decision.

This is Tolbert's full statement:

"In his opening statement on June 10th prosecutor Justin Shur told us that the government would use the defendants own words to prove its case. He also told us that this case was not about politics as usual, not about legitimate lobbying, not about raising campaign funds. He said this case was about greed and corruption, that these defendants broke the law over and over again and they were going to prove it to us unequivocally. They weren't able to do that.

The burden of proof was on the prosecution and through their witnesses and the evidence that was presented to us over the course of an incredibly long summer they simply were not able to meet that burden for some of us.

Those tapes that we listened to, many times I felt a sense of incredulity because I just couldn't believe that this is what they had.  The three who got the plea deals, Gilley, Massey and Pouncy had no credibility in my eyes. Beason, Mask & Lewis had obvious political motivations.

The only regret that I have is that we were not able to reach a unanimous decision. It felt like a job that wasn't completed. "

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