County Road 12 - Super Striping Rainline

He'll be the first to tell you he doesn't know how he thinks up the things he does. So far, Mac Macarto says he's invented hundreds of things, from a ice cream scoup that doesn't bend, to a go-kart for a friends disabled child. His favorite invention though,  is something that runs right along County Road 12.

Ease off the road just a little bit and you can hear it. Just above the road and wind noise a high pitched tone thats true purpose is often misunderstood. "The very idea that you've got roads that you cannot see the lines on when it's raining." Mac Marcato says in disgust. So he did something about it. He invented a striping that changes all that. "It makes a noise like a zing when you go over it and people think it's for noise but really, it's a wet night stripe that's suppose to shine at night when it's raining."

His shop, is his labroatory. He mixes and matches parts to create just about anything he wants.  He was a small town boy who didn't know exactly what he wanted to be when he grew up and who's favorite pastime was hot rod cars. The one thing he did know, "I always wanted to be a pilot." He got that chance in the Army. "I went into the Army and flew helicopters in Vietnam. I was a Cobra gun ship pilot." He later learned to fly planes and was a company pilot when he kind of fell into the road stripping business. "I really didn't start out in the striping business. I was a company pilot . And then we had a stripping job and the man that was running the striping machine quit. Well I could do that and then, I saw a big striping truck and I said I believe I can build one of those and then the next thing I know people were coming to me saying build me one of those and the next thing I know I'm selling machines all over the world." The rest as they say is history and Mac promises there's more to come.  "I can't do everything." he says, "I can only do certain things. And this I can do." In Montgomery Debbie Williams and photjournalist Al Campbell, somehwere out along County Road 12.

Marcato considers himself an inventor. He already has several patents for his Rainline products. And is the WSFA chopper 12 pilot.