The 900th Maintenance Company comes home

Fire up the band and bring in the troops.

One by one nearly 170 soldiers took their final steps toward freedom in Pike County, 170 members of the 900th Maintenance Company of the Alabama National Guard.

"Welcome home!," said a commander from the podium in the Pike County High School football stadium.

Home after conducting more than 300 patrols which equals to some 500,000 miles across the barren land of Afghanistan.

Before the troops arrived we talked with Cindy Sneed who couldn't wait to see her husband of 19 years come home.

"Finally. We've waited a long time and it will be a relief," Sneed said.

Like hundreds of others Sneed cheered in the stands and when the 900th was formally discharged, Sneed bounded down the stadium steps and into the arms of Homer Sneed.

"It feels good," said Mrs. Sneed.

"The most difficult part was being away from my family. That was hard," said Homer Sneed.

For Cindy Sneed the homecoming was twice as good. Her husband AND their daughter served together in the 900th. Both were gone for more than a year.

"We stuck together and made it," said Sneed's daughter Angela Green.

The 900th repaired and maintained military equipment all over Afghanistan. There were a few close calls for some including Green.

"I was shot at but we all just held it together and got through it," said Green.

This is the company's first deployment in the war.

Back home, out of harm's way and in the arms of family.