Lincoln Cemetery has been in bad shape for years...

Friday - August 12, 2011
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What a stressful week for so many of us!  But thank goodness we made it to the weekend.
Tonight at 10, we'll show you why many people say there's hope for Lincoln Cemetery. The city can't find the owner or it's relying on volunteers to keep it clean. And, did we mention the open graves and human bones plainly visible?  There's a plan to deal with that, too.
We'll have the latest on the next step in the retrial of the State House corruption defendants.  A big legal pow-wow with defense attorneys is set for Monday at 11 a.m.
And, tonight, a Montgomery native returns to her hometown for the first showing of the movie "The Help" at the Rave tonight.  We'll take you there for her warm reception.
Then we'll find out about the latest on college football 2-a-day's...and Jeff Jumper (yes, that's his REAL name) updates the forecasts for the weekend.
Hope you have a great weekend...
See you on the set at 10.
Bob H.