You Style 2-in-1 Brush: "Does it Work?"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) – Ladies, up until now you grabbed a flat brush to smooth and a round brush to pump up the volume.  But, the folks at Conair built a single brush that can be either flat or round, at your command.  It's called the You Style, but "Does it Work?".

The two-in-one concept has been around for years, and this one means you can carry one fewer item in your purse.  The You Style 2-in-1 brush is designed to allow straightening hair one minute, and to add volume to it the next—with the flip of a switch.

We head to Doug's 2 Salon and Spa in Montgomery to meet up with master stylist Ty Eiland to help us with our test.  He's going to give our You Style brush a try on anchor Jennifer Oravet's hair.  He explains the ease of operation to switch between flat and round.

"One button: just the move button to move it down," Ty refers to making it into a round brush, "Move: flatten it out," continues Ty about returning it to the flat position.

So Ty goes right to work smoothing Jennifer's hair using the flat mode on the You Style.  He's able brush through her hair well with this brush.  Now he moves the brush to the round position and attempts to volumize Jenn's hair.  The brush works well, but he expresses caution on use with the ability to switch the brush while brushing hair..

Ty explains as the comb is in Jenn's hair, "This is where you would just want to be careful that you did not get it stuck in the hair.  You definitely do not want to try to move it while you have hair in it."

Ty continues to use the brush on Jennifer's hair in both the flat and round modes.  He likes the versatility and ease, but feels individual flat and round brushes he normally uses would produce slightly better results when straightening or volumizing.

"The overall idea I think is great.  This is something you can put in your bag with you if you were going on vacation or maybe even keep it at your office," explains Ty.

Although it may not deliver the highest quality of a single tasking flat or round brush, the You Style still conquers the hair styling tasks, brushing to a YES for this week's "Does it Work?" test.

The Conair You Style 2-in-1 brush cost us about $10 at a local business.

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