Court Leaders Removed

Former Chief Justice Roy Moore is not the only one out of a job due to the Court of the Judiciary's verdict against him issued on Thursday. WSFA has confirmed tonight that two of Moore's right-hand men were fired Friday.

Head of the Administrative Office of Courts Rich Hobson's firing is effective immediately. Legal Division chief Tom Parker told WSFA Friday that he will keep working for the next three weeks on a project that he just started.

Moore issued the following statement regarding the firings:

The firing of Dr. Rich Hobson, Administrative Director of Courts, and Tom Parker, general counsel for the Unified Judicial System, following my removal as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court is exemplary of the vengeful political agenda of those who have long desired the removal of the Ten Commandments and the acknowledgement of God from the rotunda of the Alabama Judicial building. Dr. Hobson and Mr. Parker have been steadfast in my support and courageous in their defense of our religious liberties. They have served the State of Alabama well and deserve better treatment than being fired because of their loyalty and devotion to God and this state.