Pri Med announces company name change

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The doctors behind Pri Med have decided to rebrand themselves, choosing the name All Med Physicians.

The company, headquartered in Montgomery, was one of the first tenants to occupy space in the former Colonial Bank HQ building downtown.

The motivation for the name change stems "from the desire to set apart the Physicians group from the actual Pri Med buildings where they work," the company said.

The buildings will still be called PriMed, but the doctors, employees and company that operates the PriMed will now be known as All Med Physicians.

PriMed, Inc. CEO Joseph Herrod said his vision for the company was to completely refresh and re-brand the already successful provider by re-introducing PriMed to the community in a new and meaningful way.

To reach their goal, the company hired Palm Beach-based CSN Media, the digital agency behind the 2010 Tim Tebow Superbowl Commercial. The medical company has four television commercials in the works.

Dave Nixon, producer of Facing the Giants and Fireproof, said of the four spot commercial production, "It was one of the most seamless shoots I had ever done.  It's hard to find talent as good as the doctors and friends and family are here in Montgomery."

The four television spots, along with the comprehensive branding initiative, will go live on August 15, 2011.