Prattville High, student-athletes sanctioned by AHSAA

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The Alabama High School Athletic Association has issued sanctions against Prattville High School after investigating alleged rules violations.

After the investigation concluded, the AHSAA handed down probations, fines and forfeitures.

The investigation centered on the students' home addresses. The AHSAA has very strict rules regarding student transfers to other schools and the time frame those transfers have before students can lace up and hit the field.

The investigation showed that in some cases parents submitted false addresses in an effort to enroll the student. In other cases, the students moved during the year but the school was never notified.

Superintendent Greg Faulkner explains, "None of my administrators or coaches did any of these things knowingly.  There's just a lot of kids who want to succeed.  We've got to do a better job." recently ranked the Lions #1 in the nation. "They work hard...everyone works's nice to be recognized for that hard work," said Autauga County Superintendent Greg Faulkner.

Principal Richard Dennis explains, "We draw attention, people do want to move here and participate in athletics for that reason."

Faulkner says the school system requested a full investigation by the AHSAA when it learned of the situation.

Dennis says, "I can't say this is a best case scenario.  We have people suffering here at school.  We've taken a real punch."

As punishment for rules violations, the football team will be forced to forfeit three games from the 2010 season. The basketball team must forfeit approximately 30 games.

Two student athletes were singled out in the investigation and will be punished. One will sit out the first five football games the Lions play in the 2011 season. The other, a basketball player, must sit out the first 33 basketball games.

The AHSAA says the decision will be the students' restitution for rules violations.

As for the high school, PHS will have to pay $600 in fines for the incidents.

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