Editorial: Back to School

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Remember that first day back to school when you were a child?  There was as much joyful anticipation as there was anxiety about that day.  There are 13 first days in total from kindergarten to High School each with their own special memory.  How about the first time you rode on the bus or the first time you wore a backpack, your first locker and or maybe if you were lucky it was the first time you drove a car to school.

As a parent I now find myself reliving some of those moments – some welcome and some I'd rather leave in the past.

As we send our children off to their first days, let's remind them of a couple of things.  Number one and most importantly – that we love them for who they are and who they will become.  Number 2 - treat others as you wish to be treated with a special reminder here to our young ones that bullying in no way, shape or form will be tolerated.  Number 3 – you get out what you put in.  Work hard every day to be the best you can be and your goals can become reality.

Good luck to all the students K – 12 and beyond as a new year begins and good luck to those parents having to learn Algebra all over again!

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