PHS Sanctions

The Prattville High School football team is ranked number one in the preseason. But this year - the athletic powerhouse is a victim of it's own success.

Principal Richard Dennis explains, "We draw attention, people do want to move here and participate in athletics for that reason."

As the lions won championship after championship, an influx of students moved to the area to be part of the success.

Lost in the shuffle, two students the Alabama High School Athletic Association says enrolled with a fabricated address or didn't report a move inside the district.  Both issues that should have made the athletes ineligible.

Superintendent Greg Faulkner explains, "None of my administrators or coaches did any of these things knowingly.  There's just a lot of kids who want to succeed.  We've got to do a better job."

Faulkner says the school system requested a full investigation by the AHSAA when it learned of the situation.

The result: $600.00 in fines, the two students suspended for a number of games and forfeitures.

Dennis says, "I can't say this is a best case scenario.  We have people suffering here at school.  We've taken a real punch."

The PHS football team must forfeit 3 games from the 2011 season; the basketball team, around 30.

As restitution, one player will sit out 5 football games, the other will sit out during the first 33 basketball games.