Russell County Teacher is a Class Act

Lisa Lishak teaches pre-algebra and algebra at Russell County Middle School (RCMS). She devises unique lessons to help her kids absorb math. 8th grader Heather Clark says, "last week we made up a credit card and we had to use it like we were in the real world and we were shopping. And then we had to add up our monthly bills and find out how much a month we'd have to pay."

Classmate Jeffery Segar says, "she's (Lishak is) just real nice, and if you need help she'll give it to you. And she'll give it to anyone and if you need it or if you're messing up she still can help you."

In one classroom exercise, students learn math using a scale and assigning a number value to a chess piece. It seems unconventional, but the youngsters grasp the lesson. RCMS assistant principal Jacqueline Grant says, "Mrs. Lishak is an extreme asset to RCMS. She makes sure our kids receive all types of hands-on activities."

Students in her class say she makes math fun, and that makes it easier to learn. But she also demonstrates why it's crucial for them to master numbers. Lishak says, "seeing algebra used in health and science; statistics, we just got finished with our credit card project, creating an amortization schedule. So I try to apply algebra to the real world so they can see the necessity of it for the future."

Lishak is treasurer of RCMS' PTA. She also tutors students on Fridays.

Education Reporter: Michael Briddell