District 4 incumbent wants to keep his job, 4 others want to take it away.

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Incumbent David Burkette is wrapping up his first term in office as the district 4 councilman. Mr. Burkette feels he deserves another 4 years.

Montgomery city's elections are set for next Tuesday.

"The one thing I'm proud of is we went to Washington and got money to study the flooding problem at Hunter's Station. That problem is being addressed right now. We'll take bids in the fall to fix it," said Councilman Burkette.

But four other people disagree, Burkette's opponents.

We begin with Jamel Brown. Brown is 20 years old and says he's an asst. church pastor.

"We need to improve the civil rights trail," said Brown.

James Brown's bio says he's a retired military man and corporate human resources manager.

"One thing we do need is a medical clinic in district 4," said James Brown.

Of all the 9 districts in Montgomery district 4 is by far the largest from a geographic point of view. It stretches from Interstate 65 all the way to the Lowndes County line.

Candidate Gertlene Miles who is also retired says the district 4 representative needs to be more transparent.

"I will be focused.. return calls and be accessible to the people of district 4," said Miles.

Making his second attempt to win the district 4 seat, Albert Sankey feels more work needs to be done on the three bridges on Old Selma Road.

"We also have flooding issues in no man's land along Catoma Creek," said Sankey.

5 candidates, 5 days for voters to make a decision; keep Burkette in or is it time for a change in district 4.