Bankruptcy filings starting to creep upwards in River Region

Thursday - August 18, 2011

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The problems on Wall Street continue to move to Main Street.  More folks in the Middle District of Alabama are turning to bankruptcy as a last resort.  And now, an agency devoted to helping Alabamians with money problems has money problems of its own.  The full story from Sam King at the top of the news.
Slowly but surely, a rundown Montgomery housing community moves toward demolition.  Only a handful of residents remain in Trenholm Court.  And some of those folks say they weren't given enough time to get out. Reporter Melissa McKinney talked to one of them.
There was an overflow crowd at the Federal Building in Montgomery today for the Investiture of U.S. Attorney George Beck.  In fact, there were so many people, many of his fellow attorneys and friends from across Alabama had to watch the ceremony on a closed circuit system in a separate room.  We'll take you there.
Auburn settles on a starting quarterback - leaving the two runners-up holding clipboards on the sidelines when the first game of the season kicks off on September 3rd.
And, Jeff Jumper updates the forecast with the return of hot and humid weather.  But's August in Alabama.  What can you expect?
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