MPS teachers motivated to teach in excellence

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - It's the last weekend of summer freedom for kids in Montgomery Public Schools. Classes begin on Monday. But the teachers are already back on the job. They've been busy prepping their classrooms and getting a little inspiration thanks to the annual Teacher's Institute. WSFA12 news reporter Tametria Conner shows us how the institute provides teachers with a positive start to the new year.

This wasn't your typical teacher's institute. There was a lot of laughter and claps as Montgomery public school teachers packed lee high school's auditorium to get some inspiration, but not from administrators, instead for the first time, a motivational speaker.

"So this is a hard time to sit down and listen, but it does pump us up to get motivated for a new year," Wilson Elementary School teacher Melissa Deaton said.

His message is one of change.

"That's the key: being able to create an environment where learning is fun and we embrace learning and we embrace change and we embrace the opportunity to grow," Howard said.

And teachers say there will be a lot of change this year.

"A lot of personnel changes, teachers going to different places which to me is exciting," Dalraida Elementary teacher Victor Crowell said.

Learning to adapt to new ways of teaching these new generation students.

"You just can't give data, data, data, you've got to be able to tap into young people's emotions, to connect the dots, to give them a vision of what's possible," Howard said.

Hoping teachers are motivated to sacrifice and strive for district wide excellence.

"We're going to have to do more with less and we're really trying to get the teachers excited about the school year," MPS superintendent Barbara Thompson said.

And the superintendent said something new this year will be the "Boots on the Ground Program."

Administrators and central office staff will be going outside the office and into the classrooms of all 52 schools.

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