Pintlala school cleans up for new school year

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - School starts for Montgomery County students on Monday, and volunteers continued their efforts to help get schools ready.

Hyundai organized one clean-up at Pintlala Elementary School.

The volunteers spent a lot of time on the grounds of the school Saturday cutting the grass, clearing brush and planting new flowers.

The volunteers said it's a chance to give the school a whole new look.

"Last year this school was fenced off because the city was renovating. Now, that's been done, and now we're dressing it up with trees and planting some shrubs," said Tim Haseltine with Hyundai.

Even Pintlala Principal April Lee said the sprucing up will make for a wonderful learning environment.

"They're going to come in off the buses and out of the cars and they're going to see flowers and ferns, and this is just going to be a wonderful learning environment," she said.

Volunteers also painted a mural on the walls of the school.

This clean-up and others across the County were organized by the Montgomery Area CHamber of Commerce.

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