Best Friends: Debbie and Me

LUVERNE, AL (WSFA) - It's called "Debbie and Me".   What looks like a simple children's book is actually a whole lot more.   Sometimes being different, can lead to something special.

"My skin is the color of chocolate and hers is vanilla, but we don't care because we are best friends forever," said author Cecelia Davis as she read her book Debbie and Me.    Her best friend inspired the book, a person she didn't even know two years ago.   They met at church.  "She got up one night and just talked about how she felt so disconnected from everyone."  "I just remember her coming up, and I was real sad," said Debbie Warren.  "She said she'd like to come see me and I thought that was nice."

Soon you couldn't keep these ladies apart, despite their differences.  "She's from Michigan and I'm from Luverne, I'm a hick girl," Warren said.   Somehow this unlikely friendship inspired Cecelia to try something new.   "I called up Debbie and said you'll never guess what I did, I wrote a children's book about us, and in the book we are little girls."   The book Debbie and Me is about two little girls, but it's also about friendship and loyalty.   "Everybody deserves a best friend, someone they can count on in life," Davis said.   "It just overwhelms me, because nobody has ever even written a song or a poem about me," Warren said.  "So this was pretty nice."

And just like in our story, the end of the book shows us one more difference between Cecelia and Debbie.   Cecelia reads from the book:  "Oh by the way, I forgot to tell you something very special about my friend Debbie, she can only see me with her heart, because she lost her sight."   So different yet so close.

Cecelia and Debbie visit schools and churches to share the book and their story.   You can get your own copy of the book.  Just search for "Debbie and Me" on Facebook.

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