Some parents not prepared for kids to walk to & from schoool

Monday - August 22, 2011

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Hello from the anchor office in the WSFA 12 Newsroom.
Apparently a good number of Montgomery parent weren't aware that when their youngsters moved to a new school closer to home - they might not be able to ride the bus....and would be hoofing it to and from school if Mom or Dad didn't take them.  We'll talk with some parents who were caught off guard by the new school rules.
Montgomery voters go to the polls tomorrow in a municipal election that has drawn little attention in the month of campaigning.  We've got you covered on election returns as soon as the votes are counted.
Alabama's new immigration law may create longer-than-usual lines at the Probate Office for tags, licenses and registrations...anything that requires solid proof of identification.  The newest member of our news family, Temetria Conner tells us more in a story that's new at 10.
And, hurricane Irene is getting a little testy down in the Caribbean.  Rich tells us more about her "closed wall" and why you should care.
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