Mixed feelings about Montgomery municipal election

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Adam Whitaker doesn't plan to vote in Tuesday's election.

"Voting just has never really been a big priority to me," says Whitaker.

He admits, he didn't even know there was one.

"This is the first time I've heard about it."

It's a similar story for Mike Cohan who doesn't feel there has been as much time to get to know the candidates.

"I'll admit...it did kind of creep up on me," he says.

But when it comes to casting a ballot he's all for it.

"I think it's important for Montgomery. Everybody ought to be out there voting. It's your civic duty and your right to vote."

While many claim to be caught off guard, Montgomery county registrars say numbers don't show it.

In 2007, 1,648 people registered to vote within six months of the election.

This year, it's only down by 100.

"I believe as the election has drawn closer, people are taking note of it and we're going to see some folks turn out," says Justin Aday, the Director of the Montgomery County Election Center.

"I know some of them, but not all, and I would like to go out and study," says Mary Bass.

Bass knows time is running out to research candidates. But she still plans to vote.

"We just don't need just anybody that's going to throw things away," she says.

Even Whitaker says one day he'll feel the same way.

"When things start to matter more to me...what's going on in our government and in the world. But right now, it's just not a big priority for me."

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