New immigration law will impact you

MONTGOMERY CO., AL (WSFA) - A Montgomery County chief election official had his eye not only on the ballots, but on the implementation of the new immigration law in just nine days.

This law will affect every county in the state and some groups are gearing up to protest it, and this issue is now pending litigation in federal court. Probate offices are on the clock to prepare and sift through confusion.

"I have confusion about it," Montgomery resident Jamie Rodriguez said, though it's difficult to understand what he's saying.

"I'm looking to explain exactly what is the process," Rodriguez said.

He's lived and worked in Montgomery for 8 years. His broken English and changes in proof of citizenship, make getting his tag renewal a little more difficult.

"I have passport, driver's license, international driver's license," Rodriguez said.

And come September 1st, it's going to be even more difficult, not only for people like Jaime, but all Alabama residents.

"No one is exempt from this, everyone will have to come in with the proper identification."

Montgomery County probate judge Reese McKinney says local offices are running out of time.

"There's a lot of unknowns," McKinney said.

He says even though the state passed the law in didn't release rules and regulations until just 12 days ago.

"And it's been a short fuse for everybody and we're trying our best here in Montgomery county to comply and we will comply, it's just a lot of work. McKinney says all the documents will now have to be scanned and stored. New scanners are on the way and staff must be trained by the September first deadline.

"It's going to cost the tax payers of our county more money to implement," McKinney said.

He says you will have to physically bring in proof of citizenship. And that could mean suspending the Internet and mail-in renewal system which accounts for 17 percent of business, adding more chaos and larger crowds in the offices.

"It's going to change the way we do business in Montgomery County and every county," McKinney said.

And it's going to be costly to implement these changes, estimates reach $30,000. For residents with transactions at the probate offices after September first, if you have a valid Alabama license, meaning it's not expired, all you will have to bring is your Alabama license for proof of citizenship. No other documents are required.

And you can save a lot of time by going in early for your renewals. Also, a website is under construction and is expected to be available next week to answer questions and provide information on the new changes. Visit to find the link.

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