Russell medical center unveils Da Vinci robotic system

ALEXANDER CITY, AL (WSFA) - Before the official ribbon cutting, it was the Da Vinci surgical cut.

This $2 million dollar system is the future of minimally invasive surgeries such as hysterectomies at Russell Medical Center in Alex City.

"The impact on it will be tremendous," Russell Center Chief CRNA Robyn Mann said.

Russell Medical Center has one of only two dual units in Alabama.

And it's the first rural community hospital to receive the technology.

"The surgery will get faster over time, there's less blood loss, the patient will have less pain," Russell Medical Center Surgeon Dr. Roy Clawser said.

Not to mention, less recovery time so you can get back to work quickly.

"Typically a patients would be out of work for six to eight weeks, recovering from a hysterectomy, where as now you can go back to work in five to ten days," Mann said.

Surgeons say it's more efficient. Dr. Clawser explained how it works.

"And you put the arms of the robot into the patient's abdomen, and then a surgeon stands at a console and operates using handheld, almost remote control like devices, and their motions are mimicked by the robot. And so you use instruments through the person's abdomen to manipulate the tissues at a console during 3-D vision," Dr. Clawser said.

Making the surgeon's job a lot easier and keeping the patient more at ease.

"It's improved the quality of care and it is a great asset for both the patient and the surgeon," Dr. Clawser said.

Five surgeons are still training as they prepare for the first rounds of surgeries slated for September 14th and 15th.

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