Anxious parents of young drivers react to another deadly crash

Wednesday - August 24, 2011

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It seems to be happening with regularity: teenagers killed while driving to school.  We've had two incidents in as many weeks.  Tonight, we talk with two new drivers and their anxious parents who watch as their children get behind the wheel and head to school each morning.

A Montgomery businessman continues fighting to stay in business.  The city says his vault company is "non-compliant" in terms of city zoning regulations.  Some neighbors support his efforts to become compliant - but his neighborhood association is on the city's side.

The founder of Apple, Steve Jobs has resigned and his replacement is an Alabama native and Auburn engineering graduate.  More on Tim Cook at 10 p.m.

Sports fans everywhere were shocked to learn that Tennessee's Women's Basketball coach Pat Summit has dementia.  Tonight, we find out more on the pervasiveness of the condition and how families are doing their best to cope with it.

In sports, an update on local college football preps for the start of the season.

And, Rich updates hurricane Irene's wind speeds and potential track up the east coast.  She could be a whopper of a storm.

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