Yoshi Blade - "Does it Work?"

ALEXANDER CITY, AL (WSFA) – The Yoshi Blade claims to be the world's best ceramic knife, according to the packaging.  But, we all know not to judge an "As Seen on TV" product by its cover.  So we take the Yoshi Blade to Linda Sanford, manager of Sho'Nuff BBQ in Alex City for this test.  Linda has used her fair share of knives in her years in the kitchen.  She's excited to give the ceramic Yoshi Blade a chance.

She notices the blade is light, but it's not flimsy saying, "It feels strong, it feels sharp."

With a plethora of soft and hard veggies, she begins by cutting an onion in half.

"That cut through like a normal knife.  I had to put pressure through it to come through," explains Linda.

But there was improvement when slicing the onion into strips thinly with the Yoshi.

"You don't have to apply any more pressure than you do with a normal knife," explains Linda, "It's a lot smoother."

The cucumber cuts no differently with the Yoshi than with a regular sharp metal knife.  The next few items Linda cuts will begin to solidify her feelings on the Yoshi.

From solid carrots to tough cabbage, the Yoshi slices both easily.

"It gets an A on the cabbage," says Linda, "Not hardly any effort.  It's cutting thin enough, we might make us up some cole slaw here in a minute."

Potatoes are no match for the Yoshi either, as Linda cuts nice, thin slices.  Now, it's the toughest challenge yet: pineapple.  With little effort at all, Linda slices right through the tough skin of the pineapple saying "I'm impressed.  I really am."

After all this abuse, surely the knife will be dull and unable to cut through the skin a delicate tomato without squishing it.

That is not the case though as Linda explains, "Once you get through that skin on the tomato, it takes off without you."

If the knife hasn't won you over, throw in the included ceramic peeler which works like a champ.  Would Linda grab a Yoshi Blade off the store shelf?

"Overall, I would by one," says Linda.

From carrots to potatoes, the Yoshi Blade can't be stopped; therefore, it chops a YES for this week's "Does it Work?" test.

We found the Yoshi Blade knife set, with peeler selling locally for roughly $20.

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