The date for the corruption trial moved back to 2012

Thursday - August 25, 2011

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A short note tonight...

The judge in the state house corruption trial moves the retrial date back to January 9, 2012.  But he has not announced if the seven remaining defendants will be tried at once or broken into three groups.

Attendance at Montgomery Biscuits baseball games continues to fall.  Why?  We'll ask the team's owners for the reasons why.

They're long, lean and fast.  They're dragon boats and they're coming to take over the Alabama River this weekend.  We'll have a preview of the festival and races that start Saturday morning.

And, what could get Auburn students fired up about a corporate announcement? When an Auburn grad is named CEO of one of the world's best known and most cash-rich corporations.  We'll sample the reaction on the Plains.

Oh yes, Rich is waiting to show you the latest data on Hurricane Irene which has left the Bahamas in a real mess as she heads for the U.S. east coast.

Hope you'll be watching at 6.

Bob H.